Keemala Resort, Phuket

The Keemala Resort is romance focused. Unique accommodation and incredible setting, with nature flowing all around you…

Description & Location

Keemala Resort is one of the most innovative hotels to open in the region. Highly individual design features, both in the natural setting and the accommodation features. Each of the 38 suites incorporates local legends and stories combined with incredible award winning features and innovation.

Located 5 minutes drive inland from the Kamala beach resort area, with a dense tropical forest backdrop. The airport is 35 minutes away, Phuket Town 40 minutes.


Keemala Resort has 38 Cottages & Villas, all stunningly designed with ample in and out living space. All have their own plunge pool.

Keemala Resort proudly displays its incredible design innovation. The resort interiors are frequently showcased in magazines and fashion shoots. The room designs are award-winning, not just in Asia, but on a worldwide stage. A combination of contemporary comforts and luxury, ample in and out living space, and a real sense of Thailand in the history and philosophy. Each room type carries influence from the clan tribes of Phuket

You have a choice of:

Clay Pool Cottages – 126 sqm. Influenced by the  Pa-Ta-Pea clan who were known for their farming skills and closeness to the soil, emphasised here in the brown walls and heavy teak.

Tent Pool Villas – 140sqm. This time influenced by the Khon Jorn Tribe, famed for their hunting and trading skills. Expect to see some animal skins in the room features.

Tree Pool Villas -169 sqm. Just love this one. The We-Ha clan worshipped the universe and chose to live in dwellings suspended from the trees so they could be closer to the sky. They are duplex style with elevated bedroom and steps down to the living area.

Birds Nest Villas – 185 sqm. The Rung Nok clan were regarded as being the most successful, and they showed it in their opulent homes. Sometimes known as the Nest Clan, they were creative, mainly artists, musicians and astrologers. Your villa will be extravagant and exclusive yet at the same time blending seamlessly with nature.

Facilities and Activities
  • Amazing accommodation
  • Main swimming pool
  • Incredible spa with an emphasis on wellness and rejuvenation
  • Restaurant specialising in healthy cuisine, essentially Asian influenced
  • Kamala beach and village is 5 minutes away by shuttle and here you will find many attractive authentic dining options
  • The raucous resort of Patong is 20 minutes away – Very different and fun for a night out, then retreat back into the calm and serenity of Keemala
  • Individual experiences that can be tailored to your personality, be it in the kitchen learning to cook Thai cuisine, holistic programmes in the spa or walking tours around the lush gardens complete with working buffalos

Keemala Resort is essentially an adults resort, with unique accommodation and incredible setting, with nature flowing all around you.

Although well-behaved children are tolerated, rather than attracted, the main focus is on romance. Many areas will be reserved for adults only, which can also apply to the restaurants. Maybe another reason why it is not really suitable for younger children.

Frankly, if we were travelling with children we might look at an alternative hotel, for your peace of mind, your kids’ enjoyment, and the avoidance of possible complaints from other guests.

A slight negative – on the way up to resort you pass a rather ugly white apartment style building. This has had stop-go work depending on the cash flow of the owner and now seems to be under some kind of legal dispute. It has nothing to do with Keemala but is visible from the approach road and if you look directly down and to your left. Most clients prefer the rather better view out to the bay and sea beyond rather than searching for something unsightly!

We particularly like the idea of combining Keemala with one of the islands just offshore Phuket or maybe with Khao Lak, just 90 minutes drive away.


Keemala Resort, Phuket

Tours and Activities

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