Tourist Behavior Guide Lines in Myanmar

Following on from our recent report on the deportation of a tourist from Yangon for his leg tattoo of Buddha, Myanmar’s Ministry of Hotels and Tourism have issued tourist behavior guide lines. This is to remind all tour guides and tourists to be on their best behavior whilst visiting religious sites.


“Travel professionals in Myanmar have been warned to keep their tour guests in check to ensure they do not behave badly during their visit to the country.

No particular nationalities were singled out, but there have been recent news reports of European tourists disrespecting local culture or not dressing appropriately when visiting Buddhist temples” – quote from


Whilst talking about religious sites and tourist behaviour, the incredible temples of Angkor in Cambodia will be increasing their entrance fees from 01 February 2017 from US$ 20 to US$37 for a one day pass and from US$40 to US$67 for a two/three day pass. Quite a % increase, but this is in an effort to try to curtail the huge numbers of tourists visiting the temples, and to try to balance the appeal between majestic authenticity and a Hollywood inspired theme park.

I have visited the temples several times and they are incredible. They have to be seen, but the long crocodile lines of tourists make it difficult to fully appreciate the splendour of the architecture. For this reason we suggest an extra day to visit the lesser visited Beng Mealea temples. 32 miles away from Siem Reap, but a richly rewarding experience. It can easily be combined on a full day private tour to some of the less commercialised areas of the Ton Le Lake.


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