Quick Facts

The Riviera is a combination of jet-style hedonistic styles with totally authentic French traditions. Our chosen hotel, Le Mas Candille, is located in Mougin, a beautiful mediaeval hilltop village, yet you are only a short drive from the international playgrounds of Nice and Cannes. It is the contrasts of the plastic nouveau riche, with the refined, somewhat faded glamour that actually makes the place fascinating.


The most popular months are spring and summer, reflected in the pricing, when the days are usually hot and sunny, with amazing contrasts. However, the true romantic will see the charm in visiting during the quieter autumn and winter months when most days are bright, a good time for exploring the region rather than concentrating on your tan! During the winter months, you can occasionally have a few days when the Mistral Winds blow through the region, taking the temperatures down further.

Why France?

Our chosen hotel is located just north of Nice, close to the atmospheric village of Mougin. Enjoy the relaxed pace, the good food – of course, and the fantastic lighting. We particularly like the winter months when you have the contrasts of the azure Mediterranean on one side and the snow-capped Alps on the other. The close proximity of Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo with their well-rehearsed attractions, but then retreat to a more traditional view of luxury where wealth is more whispered than shouted.

If We Were To Be Critical…

Unless you intend spending more time in the hotel than exploring the region, we might try to avoid Mid July through to the end August, as this is the time for a major influx of French and many other visitors, adding hours to even the shortest journey. However, still a good time for exploring the extensive grounds and facilities of our featured hotel.

NOTE – IF you are hiring a car, this should be provided with a breathalyser kit  as this is mandatory under new French Government regulations. However, you should mention this at the time of car pick up. If you are driving your own car from the UK it is essential you take this with you, they can be acquired from chemists for less than £5, PLUS your car must be a GB registration sign.

France – A CHIC Location