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There are ongoing political demonstrations taking place within the city. This is mainly focused in the Admiralty / Central districts of Hong Kong Island, the main banking / financial area. The situation is fluid and ever changing, but currently there are traffic jams and congestion in this area and there are indications the demonstrations will spread to other districts.

Tourists are being advised to avoid any demonstrations, as the mood can change, from both sides. Please read the UK Government travel advice on https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/hong-kong – DK 30 September ’14

Quick Facts
Hong Kong is one of the great city destinations. Exciting, with a pace of life that has two speeds, fast and faster! Essentially the city is split in two, separated by the harbour. You have either Kowloon side or Hong Kong island, with good connections linking the two, either by Star Ferry or by the highly impressive MTR subway Link. Travel time from UK approximately 12 hours.

Your decision to visit will probably not be influenced by the weather, but the winter months can be akin to a UK spring day with colder evenings, whilst the mid summer months can be humid with the chance of the occasional cyclone (Typhoon). Hong Kong is the venue for many of the larger worldwide trade fairs which can move up prices steeply at certain times.

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Why Hong Kong?
Without doubt one of the most charismatic cities, in our view an absolute must on any Far East touring holiday. Superb shopping, either in the upscale malls or the more authentic street markets. Equally good sightseeing, with a visit to one of the many small islands offering a total contrast – but try to avoid weekends or public holidays. Fantastic variety of cuisine. Service is high speed and usually highly efficient, although the emphasis will be on speed not smile! If this is your first visit, invest in room with harbour view.

Hong Kong is a work hard/play hard city that never seems to sleep, it just pauses for a few hours to catch its breath!

Our featured hotels would be our suggestions, however through our local agents we have contract rates at many more.

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If We Were To Be Critical…
With the exception of the Upper House, expect hotel rooms to be on the compact side. It is one of the main commercial/corporate cities of the world, so expect to see more business attire than leisure wear at times.

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