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Mediterranean and North Africa

Cyprus | Croatia | Egypt | France | Greece | Italy | Morocco | Portugal | Spain | Turkey

The turquoise waters of Greece and Turkey, the authentic charm of Southern Italy. Visit the South of France for gastronomy delights, or Spain and its islands for colourful vibrancy and contrasts. The superb beaches of the Algarve. Then in Morocco experience a melting pot of exotic cultures. All are just a short 2 to 4 hours flight from the UK.

Travel to the Mediterranean and North Africa with Chic Locations

Arabia and Indian Ocean

Dubai Beach | Maldives | Mauritius | Oman | Seychelles | Sri Lanka | Abu Dhabi (UAE)

The iconic hotel style and excitement of Dubai, the well planned opulence of Abu Dhabi, and the traditional quality of Oman. The incredible luxurious escapism of the Maldives, the resort quality of Mauritius, and the scenic contrasts of the Seychelles Islands. The culture and wildlife opportunities of Sri Lanka combined with a few days beach relaxation.

arabia-and-indian-ocean with Chic Locations


Antigua | Barbados | British Virgin Islands | Cuba | Dominica | Grenada | St Lucia

To many it is still the ultimate jet set destination. Easy access, just 7 Plus hours flight from London. Barbados with its highly developed infrastructure and super beaches. Antigua with its history and even more beaches, and the incredibly scenic St Lucia & Grenada. And Dominica – the nature island of the region, where time seems to have stood to attention!

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Far East

Indonesia | Burma Myanmar | Cambodia | Hong KongLaos | Malaysia | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

An incredible region and probably best appreciated a multi-centre touring holiday. Thailand with its incredible hotels, resorts and scenic contrasts. Malaysia and Indonesia with its fascinating cultures. The pulsating action of Hong Kong and Singapore. The variety of Indochinea (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) with its amazing culture and diversity of attractions. So many options, easily combinable.

Travel to the Far East with Chic Locations


Everyone in the Chic Locations team was chosen for their knowledge and their personalities, but more than anything else, their passion…

Not just for travel to our Chic Destinations, but also in the service we provide.

As a small niche tour operator, we are proudly individual, totally flexible and have personal and team responsibilities, rather than being boxed-in rigid departmental duties. This is key to our style. You will be talking to someone who is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but has the authority to see how best we can assist you.

As individuals we are particularly well known in travel for our ability to identify Boutique Hotels, Luxury Resorts and Chic Destinations – a trend that we started way before the larger tour operators found it lucrative and started to overuse the description. We are still ahead of the game in this respect, and within our brochure you will find a selection of delightful small Boutique Hotels that we are introducing into the UK for the first time.

We have no financial responsibility or obligation to any hotel or destination other than in the transaction of each booking. Equally, whilst not being worldwide tour operators, we do offer a wide range of destination choice, so we can offer alternatives if a particular area is adversely affected by weather or politics. As such, we can give you totally candid advice, without pressure from a Head Office accounts team reminding us we have committed stock to shift.

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