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In our 2014 Chic Locations Brochure you will find amazing deals for some of the world’s most unique and truly Chic resorts and experiences.

In our 2014-15 Chic Locations Brochure you will
find amazing deals for some of the world’s most
unique and truly Chic resorts and experiences.



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UNWTO_Top International Tourism Spenders

Top International Tourism Spenders

According to the data released by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), China sits at the top of the list of the world’s top international tourism spenders with a 28 percent increase in expenditure in 2014, reaching a total of US$ 165 billion.I think the emergence of the Chinese market is noticed by everyone. Certainly in Oxford street and Knightsbridge[...]
Online Holiday Scams a Real Threat

Online Holiday Scams a Real Threat

According to this Travel Daily report: "The City of London Police reveal the scale of reported crime and expose common tactics used by fraudsters who stole an estimated £2.2 million from unsuspecting holidaymakers and other travellers in 2014. According to the report, the most common type of crime involved fraudsters hacking into the accounts of owners on well-known accommodation sites or[...]

Songkran Thai New Year 2015

Songkran is celebrated throughout the country, this year between 13 to 15 April. It is the most enthusiastic of all of the Thai festivals, and tourists and locals alike are encouraged to participate. Usually it is celebrated by throwing water on each other, frequently by the bucket full and you are expected to accept the drenching in good grace, and of course[...]

Barcelona Bans Tourists from Market

I have just read that the famous and iconic La Boqueria market, located just off the Ramblas, has decided to ban groups of tourists on Friday and Saturday. These are the two main shopping days for residents of the area, and they have been protesting that tourist groups are curtailing their own enjoyment and taking away the authentic atmosphere of[...]

Top Ten Hidden Gems of Asia

Just as with our recent review of Thailand emphasising beach resorts off the well-trodden track, the region really does have some spectacular gems of hotels. Again a lot of this is highly personal, and we all might have different views, but the following would be my Top Ten suggestions: Hong Kong - The Upper House. A contemporary luxurious boutique hotel, located at Pacific[...]