About Chic Locations

About Chic Locations

Experience the world The Chic Way with Chic Locations!

We might be a new name to you, but Chic Locations has a wealth of experience. We are known travel personalities, both in the UK and overseas. We are highly respected for our professionalism, originality and have a genuine desire and passion to provide our clients with something unique. We fully understand that real value can be the opposite to low cost and we have selected hotels that satisfy our mutually demanding total criteria, rather than just a budget. We are proud to be considered a luxury  boutique operator – the emphasis on flexibility and quality – with our arrangements tailored to a certain style, rather than something less enduring.Our clients usually create the right impression, in their general sense of style, something that many hotels actually comment upon and rather like!




All of our chosen hotels are regarded as the very best in their region

Many are frequent award winners on the international stage. Several will already be known to you, whilst there are many more that we are delighted to be introducing into the UK.We are based in Wimbledon Village, an area known for its individuality with numerous boutique shops, restaurants and café culture – and that sums up our approach rather well. Friendly, informative, totally flexible and proudly rejecting corporate ubiquity in favour of something that can be tailored to your personal requirements. We are fortunate in operating at the top end of travel, and our clients tend to be more value conscious than price sensitive, even in these difficult times. We are able to discuss holidays that offer the opportunity of individual experiences rather than a one size fits all, call centre, negative system attitude!Beyond the financial conditions attached to each booking, we are not committed financially to any destination or resort, so we can be totally unbiased in our suggestions.

We are boutique not only in our hotel preference but also in the service we provide.
We know that you have many travel options, but we think you will find our approach, and in particular our very candid and informative brochure style, delightfully refreshing. We want you to make informed holiday decisions and we are here to assist. Use our expertise to design something that suits your desires perfectly. We hope you enjoy reading our brochure and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our fantastic CHIC Locations.

Chic Awards
Friends of Thailand Award 2013 David Kevan Chic Locations
David Kevan from Chic Locations was privileged to receive the prestigious Friends of Thailand award in June 2013. The award is given to individuals or companies who have shown constant innovation and originality in promoting Thailand. The award is presented every other year. There were over thirty winners from around the world, but only two from the UK, David and the publisher from Lonely Planet publications.

David Kevin is honoured to be a Friend of Thailand tourism - chic locations
Although the award has been presented to a couple of UK operators in the past, David is the first individual from a British tour operator to be recognised. The presentation was made by the Minister of Tourism to David during the annual Thailand Travel Mart held in Bangkok.

David said “It is always good to receive recognition, especially as it was presented in front of an audience of tour operators and press. Although the award was made to me personally, at Chic we are very much a team so we all share my pleasure. Thailand has consistently been  our top selling destination in Asia. Plus it has the highest repeat business. The product range is vast and every changing, so it is easy to be creative and you can always offer something new.“

Chic Locations – Meet Our Passionate Team
Marie-Helene Rodriguez
25 years in travel, starting  as a resort representative in the Caribbean, before rapidly progressing to become Regional Director for Puerto Rico, first in North America before moving to their European office in Madrid. She gained Hotel experience with The Sands Casino Group and Sunswept Resorts in St Lucia & Grenada, before joining Tropical Locations. Moved to WO Travel upon acquisition where she become General Manager of several brands, including Tropical, Kids in the Med and Harlequin. Founder member & Partner in Chic Locations. As you would expect from a French – Spanish – Lebanese background, MH is totally passionate about service and quality.

David Kevan
An industry veteran, yet still with a passion to discover new hotels and destinations, and a surprising trendsetter. Many years of experience, and regarded by many to have almost “Guru“ status given his encyclopaedic knowledge of the travel industry. Although sitting cross-legged for any length of time is now a challenge. Practical resort experience as representative in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean, a graphic design company in Singapore, and a founder member of some of the best known specialist tour operators, including Tradewinds, Simply Tropix, Tropical Locations and now, probably his best, Chic Locations.

Darshi Chohan
16 years in travel, all with specialist tour operators. Starting with Pearls of the Orient, then Simply Tropix before being part of the original team at Tropical Locations. Moved across to WO Travel upon acquisition of Tropical Locations and consistently became one of their most valued and treasured staff. Joined David & Marie-Helene to form Chic Locations where she continues to entice clients and agents with her knowledge and passion for quality and value.

Sue Pryde
Another long term  travel professional, with over 20 years of tour operating experience, mainly to the  the Far East. Particularly knowledgeable on Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and in Malaysia the states of Sabah & Sawawak. And with a great personal affection for Burma (Myanmar), even before it become popular. In addition, Sue has practical sailing experience in the Mediterranean, and was one of a two person crew from Greece to the UK via The Azores!

And behind the scenes :

Mike Horne, our website technician who brings some youthful (by comparison to David!) imagination and knowledge to our presentation and social media. A resident of Barbados, so the daily sunshine helps with his positive outlook.

And Carla Pinto, our financial controller. All the way from Porto, but now residing in London. Wonderfully accurate, to the finest decimal point.

About Chic Locations – The UK’s Luxury & Boutique Travel Specialist

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